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Landscape Services

The Landscape Department is the department that maintains the grounds, trees, irrigation, plants, refuse and recycling on campus. Our department is broken down into four groups which are listed below with some examples of the work we perform.  

Assistant Director                                                FAX:    225.578.4371

Fred Fellner

O. 225-578-8851

C. 225-806-1002



Horticulture and Project

Manages crews that install and maintain; landscaping in flower and ornamental beds, irrigation systems, concrete pavement, drainage systems, grounds protection such as bollards, fencing, and other forms of hard and soft landscaping. The team also performs equipment repairs and preventive maintenance.


Jay Ransom - Manager

O. 225-578-0232

C. 225-279-0459




Manages crews that; plant and maintain turf and fields, edge concrete walks and curbs, hedge and prune ornamental plants, place mulch, blow off hard surfaces and handicap ramps, string trim, apply chemicals for weed and pest control, clean drains on streets, walks, and in building air/light wells, pick up litter and limbs, spread and level soil and stone in fields and parking lots, as well as perform all general labor as needed.  


RaHarold Lawson - Manager

O. 225-578-4327

C. 225-270-0664


Arbor & Repair Shop

Manages crews that perform tree work to; plant, mulch, and water new trees, prune trees for lighting and line of site vision, remove deadwood, harvest, apply chemicals for pest control, maintain endowed trees, oversee contractors, assess and prioritize critical work on LSU live oaks, update the Urban Forest web site with new surveys and data, manage preventive care and repairs for the vehicle and equipment fleet.

Rick Humphreys - Manager

O. 225-578-4944

C. 225-268-7087



Solid Waste and Recycle

Manages programs and systems to provide the campus with; Solid waste disposal, recycling both outside and inside of buildings, event support for litter and temporary facilities, football game day recycling and solid waste removal.  He is the departmental liaison to the LSU community for operational sustainability of all recycling and composting efforts.


Andres Harris - Manager

O. 225-578-7968

C. 225-268-3385